Ms. Stiller has over 20 years of experience working as an environmental consultant, and has managed a variety of diversified projects involving environmental, hydrogeological, and geotechnical engineering skills. In the earlier part of her career she was involved in geotechnical engineering projects, and subsequently worked in the environmental division on a diverse array of projects involving environmental engineering skills.


Environmental Site Characterization for Construction Industry
  • Designs and oversees pre-development environmental site assessments of properties to characterize soil and groundwater for contaminants that may require special management during construction.
  • Estimates cost premiums associated with developing contaminated properties.
  • Assists owners, developers and architects in obtaining approvals and permits for managing contaminated media during construction.
  • Provides technical support at municipal board meetings on behalf of the building owners and developers. Presents environmental site information and contaminated media management plans to Boards of Health and Conservation Commissions.
Oil and Hazardous Materials Site Assessment and Remediation
  • Oversees environmental site assessments for the presence of oil or hazardous materials in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 21E and the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP), and ASTM 1527-05.
  • Oversees site remediation at industrial and commercial properties. Methods of remediation have included standard as well as innovative technologies. Innovative technologies have included two-zone anaerobic/aerobic sequential biological treatment of chlorinated solvents in-situ. Other remediation technologies have included in-situ hydrogen peroxide oxidation, steam injection and groundwater recovery of oil, soil vapor extraction and air sparging, contaminated soil excavation, on-site treatment and/or re-use, as well as off-site recycling, re-use and disposal.
  • Manages projects in all phases of the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP), preparing required MCP documents and submittals to the state. Has successfully completed projects from notification through Phase V and submittal of Response Action Outcome Statements.
Geotechnical Engineering (1986-1990)
  • Conducted assessments of subsurface conditions for design of future building foundation systems. Tasks included logging explorations, soil classification, cross sectioning to develop subsurface profiles, and performing engineering studies.
  • Developed earthwork recommendations for various foundation options in a variety of subsurface conditions.
  • Performed borehole permeability testing and test pit percolation testing to determine soil hydraulic conductivities.
  • Observed the capping of a 22-acre municipal landfill in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Responsibilities included assessing moisture-density relationships of the low permeability landfill cap material using a Troxler Nuclear Densometer.
  • Performed full-time oversight of earthwork at numerous construction sites during building pad preparation, foundation installation, backfilling, and roadway preparation.


  • Licensed Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Professional, Massachusetts LSP #2893
  • Society for Women Environmental Professionals Massachusetts Chaples(SWEP-MA). Secretary and member of Steering Committee
  • 40 Hour OSHA trained, with annual refreshers
  • LSP Association
  • Town of Sherborn Conversation Comission Member


Tufts University - M.S. Environmental Engineering
Duke University - B.S. Geology
A SOMWBA Certified Woman Owned Business
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